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Light!  Light! by cillabub
Light! Light!

“All at once he threw back his head, his blond locks fell back like those of an angel on his sombre chariot made of stars, they were like the mane of a startled lion in the flaming of an halo, and Enjolras cried:

‘Citizens, do you picture the future to yourselves? The streets of cities inundated with light, green branches on the thresholds, nations sisters, men just, old men blessing children, the past loving the present, thinkers entirely at liberty, believers on terms of full equality, for religion heaven, God the direct priest, human conscience become an altar, no more hatreds, the fraternity of the workshop and the school, for sole penalty and recompense fame, work for all, right for all, peace over all, no more bloodshed, no more wars, happy mothers! To conquer matter is the first step; to realize the ideal is the second. Reflect on what progress has already accomplished. Formerly, the first human races beheld with terror the hydra pass before their eyes, breathing on the waters, the dragon which vomited flame, the griffin who was the monster of the air, and who flew with the wings of an eagle and the talons of a tiger; fearful beasts which were above man. Man, nevertheless, spread his snares consecrated by intelligence, and has finally caught these monsters. 

‘We have tamed the hydra, and it is called the steamship; we have tamed the dragon, and it is called the locomotive; we are on the point of taming the griffin, we already grasp it, and it is called the balloon. On the day when this Promethean task shall be accomplished, and when man shall have definitely harnessed to his will the triple Chimaera of antiquity, the hydra, the dragon and the griffin, he will be the master of water, fire, and of air, and he will be for the rest of animated creation that which the ancient gods formerly were to him. Courage, and onward! Citizens, whither are we going? To science made government, to the force of things become the sole public force, to the natural law having in itself its sanction and its penalty and promulgating itself by evidence, to a dawn of truth corresponding to the dawn of day. We are advancing toward the union of peoples; we are advancing toward the unity of man. No more fictions; no more parasites. The real governed by the true, that is the goal. Civilization will hold its assizes at the summit of Europe, and, later on, at the centre of continents, in a grand parliament of the intelligence. Something similar has already been seen. The amphictyons had two sittings a year, one at Delphos, the seat of the gods, the other at Thermopylae, the place of heroes. Europe will have her amphictyons; the globe will have its amphictyons. France bears this sublime future in her breast. This is the gestation of the nineteenth century. That which Greece sketched out is worthy of being finished by France. […] Let us come to an understanding about equality; for, if liberty is the summit, equality is the base. Equality, citizens, is not wholly a surface vegetation, a society of big blades of grass and tiny oaks; a proximity of jealousies which render each other null and void; legally speaking, it is all aptitudes possessed of the same opportunity; politically, it is all votes possessed of the same weight; religiously, it is all consciences possessed of the same right. Equality has an organ: free and compulsory education. The right to the alphabet, that is where the beginning must be made. The primary school imposed on all, the secondary school offered to all, that is the law. From an identical school, an identical society will spring. Yes, education! light! light! everything comes from light, and everything returns to it. Citizens, the nineteenth century is great, but the twentieth century will be happy. Then, there will be nothing more like the history of old, we shall no longer, as to-day, have to fear a conquest, an invasion, a usurpation, a rivalry of nations, arms in hand, an interruption of civilization depending on a marriage of kings, on a birth in hereditary tyrannies, a partition of peoples by a congress, a dismemberment because of the failure of a dynasty, a combat of two religions meeting face to face, like two bucks in the dark, on the bridge of the infinite; we shall no longer have to fear famine, farming out, prostitution arising from distress, misery from the failure of work and the scaffold and the sword, and battles and the highway-robberies of chance in the forest of events. One might almost say: There will be no more events. Men will be happy. The human race will accomplish its law, as the terrestrial globe accomplishes its law; harmony will be re-established between the soul and the star; the soul will gravitate around the truth, as the planet around the light. Friends, the present hour in which I am addressing you, is a gloomy hour; but such is the terrible price of the future. A revolution is a toll-gate. Oh! the human race will be delivered, uplifted, consoled! We affirm it on this barricade. Whence should proceed that cry of love, if not from the heights of sacrifice? Oh my brothers, this is the point of junction between those who think and those who suffer; this barricade is not made of paving-stones, nor of timbers, nor of bits of iron; it is made of two heaps, a heap of ideas, and a heap of sorrows. Here misery meets the ideal. The day embraces the night, and says to it: `I am about to die, and thou shalt be born again with me.’ From the embrace of all desolations faith leaps forth. Sufferings bring their agony here, and ideas their immortality. This agony and this immortality are about to join and constitute our death. Brothers, he who dies here dies in the radiance of the future, and we are entering a tomb all flooded with the dawn.’”

--Victor Hugo, Les Misérables 5.5

I always loved this speech, and I think pretty much everyone else with a pulse does too.  I especially always liked the part where Enjolras goes off about steamboats, steam engines, and balloons, because it so sounds like something he ripped off from some Combeferre speech.  XD  But aside from the giggles I get just from hearing Enjolras enthusiastically exclaiming, “BALLOONS!!!” I always thought it was interesting that he was so deeply absorbing the Combeferrean idea that technological progress would lead inevitably to human progress.  So I decided to go with that angle here, as a way to get into this speech and pick it apart visually.

The art style chosen was something of an experiment.  I was challenged to try to work in the style of Beardsley, but I managed to slip some Mucha in there too.  ;)  It was inked with Copic liner pens and the black spaces were filled in with Sharpie.  The white lines were done by leaving them as negative space when I colored the rest in (instead of with, say, a white-out pen), and the only white part of the picture that wasn’t done using a negative space voiding technique was the stars, which were a million times easier to just stick in afterwards using white colored pencil.

Enjoy, because this one was a beast to work on!

War and Peace: Pierre and Natasha by cillabub
War and Peace: Pierre and Natasha

There’s Les Mis, and then there’s War and Peace.  Why does the one have a fierce fandom and the other have…well…almost nothing?  I have my theories on that, and they have nothing to do with the inherent quality of each product.

War and Peace is the best book that hardly anyone bothers to read.  Yeah, it’s long, but when it’s on fire, it’s on fire.  Les Mis, I find, has a very different pacing, requiring a lot of patience and a willingness to wade through thick chapters.  Personally, though I adore Les Mis as a whole, I can’t read it for hours and hours at a time because the narrative itself is so fragmented by the philosophical and historical parts.  War and Peace, on the other hand, is primarily a story, one quite easy to follow, and one that was so compelling to me personally, that I read the whole unabridged in five days.  I just couldn’t stop reading the damn thing, I had to know what happened next!  (It helps if you haven’t been spoiled on the plot points before you start.)

Anyway, I know there’s no fandom (sigh), but I just thought I’d throw out there a bit of fanart that I (finally) managed to finish.  In the first chapters of the book (in the year 1805), our main characters Pierre and Natasha are very young still, Pierre about 20 and Natasha about 12/13.  They meet at a party, and since both are cute, immature, childlike personalities, they seem to get on well.  I like the idea of excitable adorable baby Natasha maybe dragging doofy gentle giant Pierre (or, as my husband and I call him, “Pierre the Bear”) into a dance.  :)

VIRAGO: 1829 by cillabub
VIRAGO: 1829

Female Enjolras and Combeferre, looking a bit 1829.  That is to say, contentious and sexually tense.  Dick-jousting, a bit--Combeferre looks like he’s trying to assert his masculinity, which he’s somewhat justified in doing, because she does tend to take his gentleness for granted so much that she forgets sometimes that he does in fact have a penis and even a little bit of pride.  Are they gonna fight it out or fuck it out?  Hard to tell…

Forgot I never did post this one.  I dug it out and finished it up last week while doing the last of the Virago Art Challenge pieces.  It’s good to be productive!  :)




The natural result of Day 17's drawing.  For those who’ve made it to the 1832 epilogue of Virago, this is a much later portrait of that shadowy Maximilien who had kept Enjolras away from her work for the entire winter.  He ended up with a bit of her Greek profile, I think…

Maxime Combeferre is a newly-enrolled polytechnicien when the February Revolution of 1848 breaks out…But that’s another story.  ;)

Check out Virago on Amazon!



Combeferre and Claude Enjolras, NSFW, évidemment.

I know the art challenge was supposed to end with the Trois Glorieuses, but I figured I’d do a few bonus days.  And this was, after all, part of their July Revolution too…;)

Check out Virago on Amazon!




United States
Favourite genre of music: Showtunes! Yes! And French pop ("F-pop"...?).
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau, Caravaggesque Baroque
Favourite cartoon character: Zazu, Li Shang, Tulio&Miguel (since I don't count anime as "cartoons")

"Paris, 1828.  Claude Enjolras is a severe, single-minded soldier of the revolution, the leader of a secret political society that is always ready to go to battle against injustice and oppression.  She is also, however, a woman disguising herself as a man in order to reject the demands of society and instead follow her ideals.  For four years Enjolras' disguise has worked well for her, and her contributions to the underground revolutionary movement have at last begun to win her the respect of her colleagues.  But when her secret is inadvertently revealed to her lieutenant, it throws her two separate worlds onto a collision course and sets in motion a chain of events that will force Enjolras to come to terms with her family, her friends, her political allies, and herself.  Through five crucial summers of her life, one unconventional woman describes how her faith, courage, and love are tested in the flames of a revolution that will change everything. 

VIRAGO is a new story based on characters from Victor Hugo's classic novel Les Misérables.  It began as an experiment to see what would be the wider consequences of altering one little canonical detail, but it turned into an intimate exploration of gender and sex, of duty and emotion, of the nature of friendship and love, and above all, of a complicated character who quickly took on a life of her own." 

For those of you who wanted to know, my novel is officially live! (Translation: the novel is off my plate and I can't touch it anymore and it's for my own good.)  Go here to find it on Amazon!

If you don't have an actual Kindle (I don't either!), Amazon Kindle has free apps for PC, iPhone, tablet, and so on--just follow the link at the top of the book’s page.  I personally prefer the apps on larger screen devices to the phone ones, because phone screens are so small that the formatting in the text gets a bit wonky.  If that sort of thing doesn't bother you, go for it, but it may get a little weird when there are songs and poems and letters and such inserted into the block text.

Previews for the first five chapters and the prologue can be found here on the website (along with other fun stuff), and here are the maps that go with the story, for those who like knowing where stuff is:


Latin Quarter


Hôtel de Ville

Enjoy the adventures of Mademoiselle Enjolras!  In the meantime, I'm just so happy to be done editing.....I think I'll go draw a picture to celebrate.  :)

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